General Anaesthesia in Children - An information Leaflet

What is a general anaesthetic?

A general anaesthetic is medication given so that your child is not conscious and cannot see, hear or feel anything during his procedure or operation.

What is an anaesthetist?

An anaesthetist (sometimes called an anaesthesiologist) is a specialist doctor who gives the anaesthetic and looks after your child throughout their procedure. Our role is to make sure that your child is safe and comfortable, and receives the pain relief he needs.

Before you come to hospital:

Your child should be prepared for his procedure in words he can understand.

You should receive clear instructions about when your child can eat and drink before his procedure. It is important to follow these instructions, as any food or liquid in your child’s stomach could come up into his throat and damage his lungs during the anaesthetic. To make this easier for your child please do not eat or drink in front of them.

Your child can have a light meal or cow’s milk / formula milk up to SIX HOURS before surgery.

Babies can be breastfed up to FOUR HOURS before surgery.

Children can drink CLEAR LIQUIDS (i.e. anything you could read a newspaper through) like water, apple juice or Oros up to TWO HOURS. before surgery, but not fizzy drinks or anything containing dairy, e.g. Tropica, or particles e.g. orange juice.

For more information please view the attached document below.

This information was gathered from SASA (South African Association of Anaesthetists).

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