General Policies

We are members of and subscribe to the regulations and code of conduct of the Health Professions Council of SA, the SA Society of Anaesthesiologists ( SASA) and their subsidiary, the Private Practice Business Unit ( PPBU).

Billing Policies

All billing is done in accordance with the SASA Coding guidelines of 2015.

Your Anaesthetic account is rendered completely separately from the hospital and your surgeon’s account. If you are insured by a Medical Aid, we will submit your account on your behalf as a courtesy, but you remain personally and wholly responsible should your medical aid not settle the account.

You will be contacted only once we have failed repeatedly to procure payment, upon which you need to settle the account within 30 days and claim the money back from your medical fund. Failing this, your account will be handed over to debt collectors and you will also be liable for their added costs.

We typically bill Insured Rates, but unscheduled / after-hours / emergency cases will generate an Immediate Rate at the following price per unit:

  • Consultation Unit R 40.68
  • Clinical Procedure Unit R 25.71
  • Anaesthetic unit R 158.55

You are welcome to ask for a quotation, which is a calculation of units specific to the kind and estimated length of your procedure, and may be influenced by certain modifiers ( from the Coding Guidelines) such as age, weight, physical status and position during surgery.

We reserve the right to afford a discount at our discretion.

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